Seed Coating

What is Seed Coating?

It is covering of seeds by processing them with some medicines, minerals, vitamins, elements and bacteria.

What are its benefits?

It has a lot of benefits. These benefits are: allowing easier and homogenous sowing of small seeds, preventing seeds from being eaten by birds and other insects, allowing more rapid germination by absorbing moisture and water from the soil, increasing the output power, reducing the resistance of plants with medicines, minerals, vitamins and bacteria in its structure, providing (85%) required nitrogen for the plant, the plant grows healthier and faster, strengthening the plant root structure, increasing the yield, creating more homogenous growing plants.

Coating of alfalfa seed

Alfalfa seeds are also covered with Sinorhizobium meliloti bacteria together with alfalfa specific minerals, vitamins and elements. Sinorhizobium meliloti is actually a microorganism found in normal conditions on the soil. It lives together with the plant in the root zone of alfalfa and provides the nutrient requirement of the plant. However, since there is not enough amount in each soil, the seeds will be covered with this bacterium to provide Nitrogen need in every condition. In addition, not only do it meets the need for nitrogen, but also protect the plant against root diseases. It increases leaf and stem development. For this reason, yield increases.