Sorghum Sudan grass hybrid - Hay Buster BMR

BMR Sorghum Sudan Grass - Sorgum bicolor X sudan grass

Variety: Hay Buster BMR

In BMR (Brown Mid Rib) species, trachea of the plant is brownish. In these varieties, the sugar content is higher and more quality than in normal varieties in terms of taste.

In the normal sorghum Sudan grass varieties, the digestibility rate of the plant is 45-50% while the digestibility rate of these BMR varieties is 80-85%. In other words, the animal is more benefited from the plant.

  • This gives the animal an almost two times benefit in nutrition.
  • It is more resistant to leaning than other varieties.
  • It is broad-leaved and has high tillering.
  • Its sugar ratio is higher than normal varieties, it is an abundant watery and highly productive annual forage crop. Its herbage is qualified, delicious and nutritious. It increases meat and milk productivity in animal feeding.
  • It is not much selective with respect to soil structure. However, it develops better in loamy-sandy, drained soils.
  • It is grown as green herbage, hayed and silage.
  • The first crop can be sowed in spring after freezing conditions, and the second crop after the wheat harvest.
  • First harvesting can be done 40-45 days later. Ideal harvest length is 100-120 cm. In shape, it is harvested to remain 10-15 cm stubble from the soil surface. In deep harvests, re-growth becomes slow.
  • The ideal harvest for silage is the milk formation period, when weeds begin coloring. Prussic acid is increased in the plant until the plant reaches 50-60 cm. Then this rate begins to decrease.
  • For this reason, the plant size should reach at least 50-60 cm before grazing in green.
  • 4-5 harvests can be made depending on the care conditions in the season.
Origin/Place of Production America
Number of Harvesting: Multiple Harvesting
Plant Length 2.50 - 2.80 m
Protein Content (as grain) %9 - %12
Wet Productivity 9.500 - 11.500 kg/da
Dry Productivity 1.900 - 2.800 kg/da
Leaf/Stem Rate 81/19
Sowing Amount 3 - 5 kg/da
Sowing Depth 1.5 - 2 cm