Fodder Turnip - Samson

Fodder turnip - Brassica napus

Variety: Samson

  • SAMSON is a delicious, nutritious, tetraploid fodder turnip that develops in 10-12 weeks from sowing.
  • In addition to the leaves, it is a delicious variety that can be utilized from the purple roots that develop on the soil.
  • SAMSON can be planted immediately following potato or grain harvest. Its growing is very easy. Depending on the harvest period, the yield from the green leaf and nubbin is very high.
  • In dry matter, there are 17-21% crude protein in the leaves and 11-15% crude protein in nubbin. The composition contains 91% water, 1.3% crude protein, 0.2% crude fat, 1.1% crude cellulose, 5.8% elementary substance without N, 0. 9% digestible protein, and 9.7% starch.
Origin/Place of Production Holland/France
Color of Nubbin Pink
Protein Content %17 - %21
Productivity of Nubbin 2.000 - 2.500 kg/da
Productivity of Green Herbage 8.000 - 10.000 kg/da
Dry Material Rate 350 - 400 kg/da
Sowing Amount 350 - 400 gr/da
Resistance to Diseases High