Fodder Pea - Gölyazı

FODDER PEA - Pisum sativum

Variety: Gölyazı

  • Gölyazı is a cultivated variety of high protein in Turkey.
  • Fodder pea is an annual forage legumes. It is grown as herbage, silage and green fertilizer.
  • It is also sowed as rotation plant. It enriches the soil with respect to nitrogen by nodules forming in its root and by fixing free nitrogen in the air.
  • Gölyazı adapts easily to different climate and soil structure. It is resistance to cold weather. It develops better in cool and moist areas.
  • is generally recommended to mix with grains such as Wheat, Barley, Triticale.
Origin/Place of Production Turkey
Color of Flower White
Plant Length 110 - 130 cm
Protein Content (as grain) %25 - %28
Protein Content (as plant) %14 - %18
Wet Productivity 3.000 - 3.500 kg/da
Dry Productivity 1.000 - 1.200 kg/da
Sowing Amount 13 - 15 kg/da
Harvesting Time 133 - 190 day
Sowing Depth 3 - 4 cm
Resistance to Diseases High