Fodder Beet - Feldherr

Fodder beet - Beta vulgaris

Variety: Feldherr

The FELDHERR fodder beet variety belonging to DLF SEEDS A / S company has genetically Monogerminal structure.

  • In other words, only one plant is formed from a seed. This does not necessitate thinning in plant formation according to other multigerminal varieties. Thus, the labor and maintenance costs are less than the other varieties.
  • It provides a more comfortable and strong growth of the plant.
  • Thanks to the fact that a large part of the nubbin is grown on the soil, the harvest is made easily by hand. In addition, there is less soil residue on the nubbin.
  • In line-shaped grazing, the animals can easily disassemble nubbin.
  • Its nubbin is broken down and used in animal feeding. In addition, its is kept in a place far from sunlight and used in the winter for feeding animals.
Origin/Place of Production EU/Denmark
Color of Nubbin Orange
Protein Content (as leaf) %13
Productivity of Nubbin 13.000 - 16.000 kg/da
Productivity of Green Herbage 3.700 - 4.000 kg/da
Shape of Nubbin Olive Form
Dry Material Rate %12
Resistance to Diseases High