Common Vetch - Gülhan 2005

COMMON VETCH - Vicia sativa

Variety: Gülhan

  • Common vetch, a very valuable forage crop, has been cultivated in every region of Anatolia since ancient times.
  • It is growth for green-chop and hayed. It is also sowed as green organic fertilizer. In addition to its herbage, its seeds are used as animal feed.
  • Gülhan 2005 is an indigenous variety that has been carefully selected and rehabilitated by a selection method of a lot of vetch varieties
  • Gülhan-2005 has higher yields in terms of herbage and biological productivity than other varieties
  • Seed yield reached a very high figure of 450 kg / decare in Antalya.
  • When grown with grains such as wheat, triticale and oats, it grows more vertical and provides high yield.
Origin/Place of Production Turkey
Plant Length 65 - 85 cm
Protein Content (as grain) %23 - %28
Protein Content (as plant) %14 - %17
Wet Productivity 2.500 - 3.000 kg/da
Dry Productivity 600 - 900 kg/da
Sowing Amount 10 - 13 kg/da
Sowing Depth 2 - 3 cm
Resistance to Diseases High