Alfalfa - Vanda

Variety: Vanda

  • It has been farming long years in Europe also using as a control variety for Swiss National Test Center
  • It's grow up right and resistance to lodging.
  • high tolerance for cold and dry lands also good adabtability for high altitude
  • it's high resistance to Fusarium and all other alfalfa disease
  • It produce high leaf and protein content bales
  • Grows faster in early spring and after each cut grows fast for next harvest
  • It keeps high yielding minimum five years and under good conditions grows more years.
Origin/Production Slovakya/Macaristan
Fall Dormacy 4/5
Plant Color Dark Green
Plant Hight 90 - 95 cm
Protein Content %21 - %23
Green Yield 6.500 - 8.500 kg/da
Dry Yield 2.800 - 3.800 kg/da
Winter Resstance High
Sowing Amount 3,5 - 5 kg/da
Sowing Depth 0,5 - 1 cm
Resistance to Disease High