Forage Grass Mix

Italian grass DEVIS (mid late)

Italian grass UDINE (early)

  • This mixture is an annual mix of early and middle-late mixtures of two Italian grasses.
  • As a result of tests performed, high and qualified yields were obtained throughout the season by bringing together the superior characteristics of both varieties.
  • Early variety develops rapidly in spring and for late variety many harvest are made until autumn and high grass yield is obtained from unit area.
  • It can also be used in annual pasture mixtures.
  • It is a dark green colored, broad-leaved and tall mixture.
Ploidy Tetraploid
Origin/Place of Production EU/Italy/Denmark
Color of Plant Dark Green
Plant Length 100 - 120 cm
Protein Content %14 - %17
Wet Productivity 7.500 - 8.000 kg/da
Dry Productivity 3.000 - 3.900 kg/da
Sowing Amount 6 - 8 kg/da
Sowing Depth 1.5 - 2 cm
Resistance to Diseases High