Tritikale - Kinerit

TRITICALE - Triticosecale

Variety: Kinerit

  • Kinerit is a high-yielding, tall, highly resistance to cold weather and early variety.
  • Its origin is Czech Republic.
  • Plant lenght is long and feed quality is high.
  • It increases the yield in sowing together with the legumes. Spica structure is long and the grain yield is high.
  • It can be easily sowed in Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, Thrace, Marmara, Inner Aegean and transition areas.
  • It is resistant to fusarium, mildew and other diseases.
Origin/Place of Production Czech Republic
Spica Spiny
Plant Length 115 - 125 cm
Protein Content %13
Productivity of Grain High
Hectoliter (kg/hl) 74.7
Resistance to Diseases High